Kul Devta Shri BhairiBhavani Mandir
Raorane Inamdar
The well known title of “Inamdar” is given to “ RAORANE” who resides in Vaibhavwadi
( earlier Tahasil- Gagan Bavda- Kolhapur) .These raorane families who lives in the valley of great “Sahyadri Mountain” known as “KHORAKHAR RAORANE “ is having a shivkalin history. In 1661, The Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj attacked Shrungarpur kingdom and defeated them. At that time, these Raorane made remarkable efforts and supported Shivaji Maharaj to a great extend.
Temple of Shree Bhairibhavani

In the year 1688, inturn of these remarkable efforts of Raorane’s, Sambhaji Raje, the son of Shivaji Maharaj rewarded them 15 villages and also greeted them with the prestigious and most respectful title “RAO”. Even these Raorane helped to Maharani Tarabai Empire of the Karvir Kolhapur Kingdom to travel from Panhalha fort to Sindhudurg fort via Arabian Sea safely.
Still today these Vaibhavwadi raorane families are know as “Raorane Inamdar”

Gram Devta Shri Rasai Devi Temple

Temple of Shree Rasai Devi